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The Network Co. of California Helps a Beef Processing Company Move Forward With a New Server to Greatly Reduce Downtime While Improving Production Flow! 

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Jensen Meat Co. was founded in 1958. Since then, Jensen Meat Co. has become a leading processor of the highest quality ground beef products for retail companies, restaurants, food service distribution companies, and school markets. When Jensen Meat Co. was growing at a rapid rate of approximately 70% over 5 years, they knew they needed to upgrade their information technology to keep up with their growth.

Abel Olivera, Vice President at Jensen Meat Co., explained, “Every time we increase production, our planners need to coordinate more truckloads of meat and more manufacturing workers. As we grow, more capital and staff resources are involved with every planning decision.

He continued, “If planners can’t quickly access the information that they need to make a decision, the whole production line can shut down. When we are processing 30,000 pounds of meat per hour and suddenly run out of meat, we have 50 employees standing around idle.”

 The Situation: Windows Small Business Server 2003 Performance Issues as More Users & Data Were Added to the Company

Prior to working with The Network Co. of California (TNCC), Jensen Meat Co. was using Windows Small Business Server 2003 for email and file storage. While their accounting software and production planning applications ran on other servers, their data files were stored on the Windows Small Business Server 2003-based server.

As the company continued to add more users and data, server performance slowed down. In fact, it took planners almost 5 minutes to open a large spreadsheet, which greatly impacted their ability to coordinate production resources. In addition, remote server access was fairly difficult and required a complicated three-step process to get through their firewall.

If I didn’t have my laptop computer that contained my network credentials, I couldn’t log on,” Abel said. When salespeople were in the field, they had to call the office to get the information needed, which often delayed response to customers. To make matters worse, the server failed about 3 times a month, interrupting email service.

We run shifts around the clock, and about once a week, I got a call in the middle of the night telling me that the server had stalled,” Abel recalled, “I would have to give server login credentials to a production worker, which raised security concerns.”

 The Resolution: An Upgrade to Windows Small Business Server 2011 for Improved Reliability & Collaboration Amongst Staff Members

TNCC recommended an upgrade to Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, which provided the latest Windows Server operating system, messaging and collaboration software, and improved remote access capabilities. The server was installed on a new HP ProLiant DL380 server.

Plus, TNCC upgraded some of their PCs to the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, which further enhanced the performance of Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets. Abel believes the upgrades worked out well, “With Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, I can be anywhere in the world, as long as I have Internet access, I’ll be able to get files.

 The Outcome: A Happy Client With Less Downtime, Improved Production Flow & Enhanced Data Security 

Since upgrading to the latest all-in-one server solution, Jensen Meat Co. is able to keep up with business growth and remain competitive as a result of quicker information delivery, reduced downtime, and improved response to customers. Here’s a few benefits they’ve noticed:

  • Improved production flow: The new server and hardware enables them to open files five times faster, make quicker decisions, and keep production lines moving with readily available information.
  • Quicker response to customers: Salespeople can access files from wherever they’re located, submit quotes to customers, and response to questions quickly to keep the business healthy and competitive.
  • Enhanced data security: Remote access gives staff members the ability to access important information while there’s no longer a need for production workers to need server login information, which better protects data.
  • Decreased downtime: Server downtime has dramatically decreased, and as the server is more reliable, business is never interrupted and employees can focus on their job tasks.

Plus, there technology is ready to accommodate any future growth. “As we grow, we’ll have more and more data. With Windows Small Business Server 2011, we not only have room for it, but we also have the server performance and software capabilities that can grow with us,” Abel explained.

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