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Standard Filter Corporation Turns to The Network Co. of California For A Central IT Source That Can Do It All

As a manufacturer of aftermarket filters for controlling air pollution at industrial sites throughout North America, it was crucial for Standard Filter Corporation to maintain an updated IT environment in order to stand apart from their competition. Unfortunately, the corporation found itself in an environment of outdated technologies and systems, and found itself facing challenges trying to provide the quickest service. That’s when The Network Co. of California came in – offering solutions that made sense to Standard Filter Corporation, they were able to dramatically improve the IT environment without the hassle that Standard Filter Corporation was preparing for.

If a company begins falling behind in the world of technology, they are bound to face significant challenges with information technology and data communications in their daily processes, as well as challenges when the time comes to upgrade – due to retraining, and moving of data collections.

The Situation: The Need For An Updated IT Environment to Set Them Apart From The Competition!

With outdated technologies, Standard Filter Corporation was falling behind and realized it needed help updating its IT environment. The Network Co. of California was able to take their old technology and make it work in a new IT environment, dramatically improving performance.

Toby Wiik of Standard Filter Corporation explains how critical technology is to their corporation, saying, “Without the IT infrastructure we would not stand out from the pack.” He continues, “Using ERP allows us to have quicker quoting and quicker deliveries than our competitors.”

Standard Filter Corporation made the decision to seek help from The Network Co. of California as they had already been a client for over 20 years, and had established a large amount of trust. When the time was upon them, Standard Filter Corporation knew exactly where to turn.

The Network Co. of California created an R&D test environment and designed a solution that would allow Standard Filter Corporation to run their old 32 bit LOB app without purchasing a new ERP system -which would have run them over 140k-. The new ERP app would have taken over a year to implement, required the retraining of all their staff, the redoing of all their processes, and the migrating of over 10 years of historical data.

The Solution: A Rebuilt IT Infrastructure For More Storage & Improved Overall Performance!

The Network Co. of California has done a lot for Standard Filter Corporation, and continues to help them on a day-to-day basis. The Network Co. of California’s project was completed within 14 months, providing Standard Filter Corporation with better overall performance, and more storage. They have implemented many improvements, including:

  • HP Gen 8 dl380 Xeon Servers
  • VMware vSphere virtualization
  • MS Windows 2008 R2 Server
  • Office 365
  • Remote Desktop Server
  • OpenText Fax Server
  • Goldmine CRM
  • E-Mail
  • Disaster Recover
  • Windows 7

The Outcome: An IT Environment They Can Grow With & Personal Service To Ensure They Don’t Fall Behind!

Since turning to The Network Co. of California for major updates to their IT environment, Standard Filter Corporation has seen significant benefits with the new ability to be ported to a cloud hosted environment easily, and with an IT environment they can grow with.

Wiik expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, saying The Network Co. of California provides them with “Responsive, personal service”. As a result, Standard Filter Corporation has seen significant financial benefits as well due to the “Ability to have a central source for all of our IT needs.”, says Wiik.

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