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Why The Network Co. Of Calfornia? Because We Make IT Easy For You


That’s a question I get asked every time I meet a new potential client, and it’s a fair one. Let’s be honest here – there are a lot of IT companies out there these days, and lots of them sound exactly the same. If you take a look at most IT companies’ websites, they all say the same thing – we provide your IT services and take care of everything so you don’t have to.

And sure, that sounds great, but when everyone says that, how do you know it’s true? You need a company that doesn’t just talk about improving technology services – anyone can do that for you. You want a partner that focuses on your business first, not your technology. That’s us. We’re about people first, and technology second: Your IT should be focused on serving you, and that’s what we guarantee.

We are in business to Make IT Easy for other local small and medium sized enterprises throughout the San Diego region. Why? Because we’re a local small business ourselves. TNCC has been providing IT systems and computer technology support in San Diego County for over 30 years starting back in 1983. We’re a part of this community, and that means three things:

  1. We want to help people be successful with their IT.
  2. We understand the needs of other small and mid-sized businesses in the San Diego area.
  3. We want to see our community survive and thrive.

Our focus is and has always been to work with local companies to provide the same type of IT services and solutions that the Fortune 500 companies expect, only catered to the local community. That might sound like a tall order, but when you do IT right, IT’s easy.

We pride ourselves in developing relationships with people, understanding their problems and needs while working together to find answers and solve problems that keep a company from operating profitability and efficiently. We work closely with our clients and industry-leading IT stalwarts to provide a voice for local businesses and address their needs.

Our success is built upon YOUR success, and that’s not just a fancy platitude. If you do well, you’re more likely to stick with our company, so it’s in our own best interest to make sure you not only survive, but THRIVE. We can foster a WIN-WIN relationship that benefits all parties involved.

Looking for a local company that understands local people and local problems? Works with key technology industry leaders? Measures their success based on their clients success? Then look no further! We are waiting to HELP you SUCCEED! And we speak plain understandable English to boot! How can you lose?

Fred Harrah, CEO
The Network Co. of California

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