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Be Speedy – Take Your Business to the Cloud and
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The best way to improve speed and efficiency for your business is to have instant access to your technology. Modern businesses really can’t afford to be chained to the desk anymore – you need to be able to get at your systems and files when and where it makes the most sense for the work you’re doing. Sales representatives are always on the go, project managers need to move between sites, and even your average employee wants to be able to check their email from home to stay on top of work.

That’s what cloud services from The Network Co. of California are all about. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go. We speed up your systems, cut down on the excess, and make everything streamlined for your San Diego business. What could be better?

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Lots of people hear “the cloud” and wonder just what it means. The technical details of how the cloud works are easy enough to find online, and really, they’re not what matters. What you want to know is:

1. What can the cloud do for you?

2. Is it safe?

So let’s start off with the overall benefits of cloud computing for San Diego area businesses:

  • Easy accessibility for you and your staff members, letting you collaborate on documents and projects from anywhere you can get online.
  • Increased speed & reliability from streamlined systems that aren’t bogged down by aging hardware, increasing your productivity.
  • Affordability that lets you customize exactly what technology your business has access to and optimizes the solutions you already use.
  • Scalability that lets you adapt your technology to evolve as your business does, so you never pay for more than what you need every day.

As for security, that’s our wheelhouse. When we offer you cloud services, we make sure they’re based out of our secure data centers. We guarantee the security of your connections and the integrity of your data, so you never have to worry about your systems and files being lost or misused. We give you the right tools and know-how to make sure only you and your employees can access your data, no matter what.

We offer a variety of Cloud Solutions, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Services & Consulting
  • Cloud-Based Data Backup & Storage
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Email & Security Services
  • Specialty Applications & Services
  • Cloud-Based Internet Security & Content Filtering
  • File Sharing & Synchronization Services for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Hosted VoIP Business Telephone Services
  • And more

But there’s one more thing we want to say about the cloud. It’s all well and good to say, “Here’s a way to work from home or on the go,” but how do you actually make that happen? We’re also here to talk about using the cloud creatively.

We’ll help you analyze the tools and possibilities at your disposal and figure out how to adapt them to your way of doing things, and to adapt your way of doing things to your new tools in turn. If you want to let your employees work from home, we’ll be there to consult with you about the changes that will mean for your business and how to use your technology effectively to make that new process work smoothly.

The Network Co. of California goes beyond broken hardware and offers peace of mind when it comes to your IT. Our wide range of IT services and solutions for businesses in San Diego have been tried and tested over 20 years of business, and we’re ready to help you get technology made easy again. Find out more about how we can help you by contacting us to schedule a free no-obligation review of your business systems by calling (760) 744-0442 or sending us an email at

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