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A good IT support company should be about more than just coming in and fixing a broken computer and then walking out again. When you’re dealing with IT issues, you don’t want to have to worry about dealing with a company that looks down their nose at you and makes you feel stupid for having a technology problem. Have you ever called for tech support and gotten that annoying line, “Have you tried turning it off and back on?Of course you have.

You deserve support from a company that treats your needs as its own. You deserve help from technicians who know what they’re talking about but make sure they never talk over your head or use technobabble to make things seem more confusing than they are. In short, you deserve a partner, not a nanny.

At The Network Co. of California, we promise to ensure that our IT Support Help Desk staff will stay available, respond quickly to any issues you’re having, and work hard to help keep you educated and informed on how your IT is doing at all times. We are friendly, knowledgeable, and will take the time to LISTEN FIRST and find out what you need help with. You never have to deal with tech problems alone again.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Get on the phone and give us a call at (760) 744-0442 to find out how our IT Support Help Desk can make sure your San Diego business gets the support it deserves.

 Our Help Desk is here to provide you with responsive support through these values:

  • Availability: In addition to monitoring your IT ourselves, we’re also available over the phone or online whenever you need someone to talk to, whether it’s to have IT-related questions answered or to troubleshoot a problem you’re having.
  • Responsiveness: We strive for fast responses and quick resolution, and we can resolve most problems remotely – so we can get to work right away without necessarily having to send anyone to your physical office. If it turns out that the issue needs someone on site, we’ll get our people out there ASAP.
  • Helpfulness: Everyone at The Network Company is an expert technician, but more importantly, we’re business consultants first. When we offer our support, we make sure to focus how to solve problems for your business, not your technology. If you feel that something isn’t working the way you want it to, then that’s a problem we need to solve, and we’ll do everything we can.
  • Respect: When we say we’re your partner, that means YOU are our partner too, and you deserve respect and decent treatment. Our help desk staff are friendly and polite, and moreover, they deliver support in plain English that’s focused on helping you get the results you’re looking for.
  • Information: We stay up-to-date on the newest solutions put out on the market. That doesn’t mean we’re going to try to get you to buy every new toy available, but we are keeping track of new ways to improve your productivity and proactively solve problems. We also offer training for your IT services and software, helping you get a better handle on actually making things happen with your technology.

The Network Co. of California goes beyond broken hardware and offers peace of mind when it comes to your IT. Our wide range of IT services and solutions for businesses in San Diego have been tried and tested over 20 years of business, and we’re ready to help you get technology made easy again. Find out more about how we can help you by contacting us to schedule a free no-obligation review of your business systems by calling (760) 744-0442 or sending us an email at

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